DAC1 three phase emi filter
Ultra-compact Low Leakage current three phase EMC/EMI Filter
DAC1 6-20A Low Leakage current
Rated Current:6A-20A

Ultra-compact four-wire filter for applications lacking space


Can be customize according to customer requirements.

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Three-phase EMI power line filters reduce electromagnetic interference and noise into and out of equipment power lines to meet commercial and military emissions and susceptibility standards. DOREXS offers a wide range of standard and custom 3-phase EMI power line filters for various voltages and currents.

DOREXS' three-phase EMI power line filters deliver industry-leading performance by utilizing current material and design innovations to ensure compliance with the most stringent limits and requirements. In addition, our class-leading compact size saves installation space for all equipment, including inverters and motor drives. With single-stage and multi-stage configurations designed according to international safety standards, DOREXS provides customers with the correct EMI solution on time and within budget. Escort for customer EMCtesting.

Features and Benefits

  • The DAC1 family of three-phase and neutral line filters provides a cost-effective interference suppression solution for a wide variety of applications
  • Available in four versions, with current ratings from 6 to 20 A, the filters employ a single-stage four-wire LC circuit with saturating resistant chokes, and have a very low operational leakage current、
  • DAC1 three phase emc filters are contained within an extremely compact metal housing, making them ideal for use in situations where space is at a premium

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Voltage:380VAC-440VAC
  • working frequency:50/60HZ
  • Rated Current:6A-20A
  • Withstand test voltage:2750VAC
  • Temperature range:-25℃~85℃
  • Certificate:cUL,CQC,CE,ROHS
  • Fire resistance:UL 94V-0

Typical Applications

  • Power supply for three-phase system
  • Three-phase power electronic equipment