DAA1-power line filter
Single phase General Purpose 220V 10A AC EMI/EMC Filter for Medical equipment
DAA1 EMI Filter
Rated Voltage:110VAC-250VAC

Rated Current:1A-10A

working frequency:50/60HZ

Withstand test voltage:1750VAC

Temperature range:-25℃~85℃

Fire resistance:UL 94V-0


Can be customize according to customer requirements.

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Single-phase EMI power line filters effectively suppress electromagnetic interference and noise into and out of equipment power lines to meet susceptibility standards for commercial and military emissions. DOREXS offers a wide range of standard and custom single phase EMI power line filters for a wide range of voltages and currents. Able to provide reasonable customized services according to customer needs.

DOREXS' Single Phase EMI Power Line Filters deliver industry leading performance by utilizing innovations in materials and design to ensure compliance with the most stringent limits and requirements. And, our class-leading compact size saves space for all equipment types. Our EMI filters are designed in single-stage and multi-stage configurations according to international safety standards, DOREXS delivered the right solution on time and within budget. Escort forEMC testing of products.


Features and Benefits

  • Very high differential mode attenuation
  • Suitable for AC and DC applications
  • Offering a very high differential and common mode performance in low profile housing
  • Easy installation with single strand wires
  • Voltage rating according to high voltage LED lighting market

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Voltage:110VAC-250VAC
  • working frequency:50/60HZ
  • Rated Current:1A-10A
  • Withstand test voltage:1750VAC
  • Temperature range:-25℃~85℃
  • Certificate:cUL,CQC,CE,ROHS
  • Fire resistance:UL 94V-0

Typical Applications

  • Medical equipment
    Audio device
  • Electric equipment
  • Industrial automation device
  • Precision instrument and equipment